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Infusion Program Updates

September 1998 Drug & Therapeutics Newsletter
(C) 1998, CSU-Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre

Welcome to the new Infusion Program (IP) column! We will be taking advantage of this publication to routinely provide you with program updates, notification of upcoming events, policy changes, tips for practice improvement and other topics of interest.

The IP was formed in January 1998 and is operated by CSU Pharmaceutical Sciences. Originally staffed by two nurse educators, Lynn Chase and Ruth Nicol, the program has recently expanded with the addition of a third educator, Barbara Ferreira and a merger with the I.V. resource nurses (Chris Dela Cuesta, Kay Janzen, Carole Leong and Eileen Plunkett). Together, these individuals are working to provide parenteral therapy-related clinical, educational and research support to the hospital under the direction of Dr. Peter Jewesson and Frances Legault, PPL, Nursing. Working closely with the IP team is Amy Wai, our Home IV Antibiotic Program clinical pharmacist. To ensure good communication with the balance of the hospital, a 13-member advisory committee was formed in April 1998 with representation from nursing, pharmacy, radiology, vascular surgery, microbiology/infection control, infectious diseases and business unit administration.

In addition to the well-known and essential clinical services provided by our I.V. resource nurses, a number of specialized functions are also being provided by the IP educators. These include: central venous catheter (CVC) patient teaching (via referrals from Vascular Surgery and Radiology); CVC device-related complication support; peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) insertions, teaching and hospital/community nursing support for select patients and other activities. With the addition of our 3rd educator, the Home IV Antibiotic Program patient enrollment cap and associated PICC line insertion restrictions have been lifted. Starting this month, the IP team launched the first 7-part series of internal continuing nursing education sessions. The team is also busy reviewing hospital-wide parenteral therapy patient care guidelines and practical methods to reduce sharps-related injuries.

The IP office and learning lab is located on CP-3 and the educators can be reached at 875-4706 (answering machine) or pager.

Weekday pager 0800-1700 hrs:
L. Chase 872-9847
B. Ferreira 877-5528
R. Nicol 871-3198

Week-end pager

In upcoming issues:

Please provide suggestions for future topics to any member of the IP team. We look forward to continuing to work with you toward optimizing the care of our patients.